Poker can be played online and at several

Playing poker online has become a trend and more and more important. Online poker has been gaining momentum and is now one of the most played money games in the world. With its democratization in the world, more and more participants, a beginner, intermediate or expert want to play poker on the net. It can also be played several. What are the variants of poker that can be played to several?

Texas Hold'em

It is the undisputed star of online poker and therefore poker in real life. Relatively easier than other versions, it is introduced in casinos in the 60s. More than 95% of online poker players are adapted. Most players of the new generation have learned poker and its strategy with this variant. It is played from 2 to 10 players at a table. Players have 2 closed cards and five are open.

Stud 5 cards - 7 cards

For those entered in the poker family by Hold'em, this variant is close to the huge difference that the game is partly open-ended. Instead of simplifying the game, you'll find that having additional information shared with your opponents will melt your neurons.


Omaha is a variant of poker very different from Hold'em. This variant of poker is played in different ways (Hi, Hi-Low, Pot limit ...). The main difficulty is to understand that your hand is made of two of your cards and three cards of the carpet. It is important to understand this rule before going to play chips.

5 card Draw

Draw is played in two rounds of betting. It is paradoxically an excellent game to embark on the star version. Poker is strategy and one wonders if a pro poker player would not find an effective strategy by playing battle.

From now on, poker is available on the net. By registering you will have the chance to play solo or with others.

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